Colleges and universities need enterprise-resource planing (ERP) systems that meet their unique needs, cost less to install and operate, and give business officers control over their destiny.

Kuali offer multiple software systems for financial management, research administration, student services, human resources/payroll, library management, business continuity, and middleware/workflow.

  • Kuali installation, configuration and implementation
  • Regular upgrades and security fixes
  • Customization
  • Integration with e-Learning solutions (virtual classroom, LMS…)
  • Training as general administrator and administrator for each system of Kuali
  • Tech support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA)
  • Hosting support services

Who use Kuali?

More than (69) universities use Kuali worldwide

Why is Kuali?

  • Higher Education wants enterprise administrative applications that satisfy institutional requirements
  • Institutions want interoperable modules of functionality, and to pick and choose among them
  • Partners want to have a say in what applications do, how they do it, and who makes them
  • Everyone wants Free Software, and it has to be reliable, flawless, and easy to use

What Kuali consists of?

The KHR Time and Attendance module provides a robust, enterprise-wide, easy-to-use system for tracking and approving employee time.
Kuali OLE is the first system designed by and for academic and research libraries for managing and delivering intellectual information.
Kuali Coeus (KC) is used for Research Administration, it is a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research administration needs from the faculty researcher through grants administration to federal funding agencies.

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