ELIS was built in response to the needs of clients who require an enterprise level of functionality that Moodle does not offer on its own. So we can say that ELIS is a set of add-on to standard Moodle. So ELIS is considered as a suite of learning applications that allows an organization to manage its entire learning enterprise.

ELIS consists of five core systems, integrating seamlessly with each other and Moodle.

  • Configuration of api within moodle.
  • Customization (e-prepare, level up …)
  • Integration with SIS and virtual classes.
  • Operation.
  • Tech support 24/7 based on service level agreement (SLA).
  • Hosting support services.

  • Schedule Online, Classroom, Blended and Synchronous Webinar Courses
  • Establish Site-wide Group Clusters
  • Create Learning Plans
  • Manage Completions with Transcripts
  • Automate User Account Creation and Enrollments
  • Notification Manager provides administrator with a mechanism to send out automatic notifications on specific events that occur within Moodle
  • Outcomes Manager can define:
    • Map State Standards of Learning
    • Map job competency requirements
    • Map professional certification requirements
    • Map succession management requirements
  • Reports Manager provides tracking, reporting and analytic that administrators, supervisors, managers or teachers, students and parents must have to verify learner progress toward completion and outcome metrics.
  • ELIS integrates the Alfresco Enterprise content repository with Moodle and is controlled via Repository Manager
Through Elis , you can define objectives , competencies then be able to measure the learning outputs.
Elis offers strong reporting module that view all results and graph , in addition to fully analysis via integration with Jasper Soft.
Yes, Elis offers amazing notification module that allows to be configured for the purposes you like. The notification will be through SMS, the System and the email.

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