The powerful alfresco platform allows organizations to manage any type of content, from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings and even large video files. Alfresco gives you the ability to manage your content anytime, from anywhere. The system's scalability ensures extensive support of large enterprise operations.

Alfresco provides modern software built on open standards that unlock the power of business-critical content. With control that IT demands and simplicity that end users love, Alfresco's open source technology enables global organizations to collaborate more effectively across cloud, mobile, hybrid and on-premise environments.

  • Infrastructure services: Server configuration, virtualization, clustering, backup/restore, disaster recovery planning, etc.
  • Enterprise installation and configuration; Active Directory integration, Single Sign On, portal integration, etc.
  • Information Architecture
  • Workflows and Automated Business Processes
  • Records Management
  • Custom Content Applications
  • Alfresco extensions and customizations
  • Integration with external systems (ERP, CRM, etc)
  • Document imaging and processing
  • Bulk content import/export involving legacy systems
Alfresco have a license free version (community) also there is enterprise license that’s very scalable which allows you up to 1000 users for enterprise.
Alfresco is CMIS standard system, any system developed using same standard can be integrated with alfresco easily
The system is very scalable and can support multi branches; also you can use the load balancing method to scale performance and stability

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