"Smart Doc" is an innovative solution that is very easy to use, which provides a unique experience that is simple, flexible and reliably fast in addition to securing all document and accessing them form aanywhere. It allows agents, partners and employees to create, edit, exchange and audit documents in efficient manner and from anywhere in the world.

  • Felxibility in search
  • Indexing documents automatically or according to a specified pattern
  • Search for any document in multiple ways
  • Share documents in an easy and flexible manner and automatically
  • Rotate document in different way
  • Automatically rotating the document in case of incorrect insertion
  • Reduce the storage space occupied by these documents compared to paper documents
  • Using electronic stamps, signature and post it
  • Protecting file from damage or lose
  • Auto file naming
  • Ability to convert the documents content into database to allow searching for it
  • Keeping the original file in case its needed after editing
  • Fast access to any document in the system
  • Multiple permission and polices (programs, screens, and reports) also the ability to customize specific privileges
  • Supporting Multi languages such as Arabic & English
  • Coding in multiple ways (Barcode)
  • Multiple operational and document security level
  • System administration flexibility, through backup operation
  • Flexible (UI) user interface using multi option with ability to customize and personalize based on user or permission level
  • Improving the quality of scanned documents at the scanning process
  • Ability to customize and Compatible with other systems


Simplicity of GUI allows users to use it easily and enables them to deal with the system within a few minutes without any training.


If you are working on a document, folder, and other images, the archiving system can sort any of these documents or files as required. The electronic archiving system does all functions of archiving in customizable ways to match activities of any institution which leads to the formation of an archive that is trusted and the possibility of dealing with the documents received from any source, whether scan, fax, e-mail, word processed, Excel, or any file.

Integration and connectivity:

Electronic archiving system allows the user to classify and integrate documents into a single working file within a Web environment also constitutes and integrated connectivity with Microsoft systems using Share points as well as the possibility of linking the system with (Active directory) and dealing with many copies while preserving the original free of any amendment It also allows you to return to a previous copy and compare in terms of accuracy and policy document and other technical specifications.
As well as the possibility of linking with image processing or convert images to text using (OCR) Optical character recognizer Tools.

Open Source:

We can provide Smart Doc. With source code to key customers with large and multiple projects as well as providing licenses and annual renewal, and most importantly it can be customized according to work needs and prepare service according to the client's interest.

What does it provide?

Control and secrecy:

The electronic archiving system provides safe access to all documents and allows you to control the access according to the privileges and conditions

Tracking Use:

Through a quick look at the users track record you can, (control types of documents in a particular file, as you can control all aspects of the archiving system and enable user management to add, edit, or cancel users records and all activities and processes and view them within the system by user name, date, or email.

Auditing process is valid on archiving works and who carried out these tasks through users tracking record, in addition to the ability to record all actions and activities applied on docs and view them by user name or date or event.


Strength in the implementation and the diversity of solutions and ease of use, all are points that support adding the system to your needs.

Search feature:

The system includes comprehensive searching tools to locate document immediately by:

  • Full text indexing
  • Searching by file name
  • Search by index card
  • Advance statistics
  • ease to installation
  • multiple users and multiple roles
  • scanning directly internally the system
  • The system compatible any kind of scanners that support TWIN & ISIS Drive
  • Simplicity interfaces (WYSIWYG).
  • ease of scanning and importing to the system
  • ease of the search process
  • distinguish between files that have been indexed and which are not indexed by changing the color of the file indexer
  • There are drawing tools for images such as Annotations, and whiteboard
  • Ability to customize the program and integration with other systems easily
  • Local area network (Switch, Network Cables, Cabinets)
  • Server Computer (dual core Processor, GBDDR2 SDRM memory, Windows server 2003, MS SQL server 2005)
  • Personal Computer (Intel Pentium 4, RAM 2 GB Operating System Windows)

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