Smart CTS is a Customizable Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) that creates, captures, and manages all types of correspondences sent or received by an organization. Automated tracking is enabled through the processes of internal and external communications, as well as providing the way to assign permissions and roles for users and categorization of correspondence. The system will follow up with all correspondences starting from entry to documentation in the database, presentation, and recording, transmitting them, and follow-ups until they are exported or completed.

  • Ability to store documents according to specific code
  • Ability to choose special numbering systems like choosing one or two digits yearly and the rest are serial numbers or choosing a number to start from
  • Inserting complete information about correspondences, with ability to add pictures, attachments, and by using barcodes which makes them easy to work with
  • Reducing workload and data entry errors by entering the information through the employee that is working on the correspondence and Smart CTS automatically attach the correspondence’s information in the database
  • The ability to use of barcode and printing it on delivery report and referrals automatically helps in increasing the system process which in turn increase performance and productivity
  • Ability to determine the time needed to finish the correspondence (days / hours)
  • Ability to export and reading correspondence as xml, will allow automatic exchange of information between the system and other compatible systems
  • Control the secret correspondence in order to prevent user without privileges to view or edit them
  • The ability to integrate with any system to be applicable with its workflow
  • The ability to drag and drop for the attached files
  • The ability to track adding, editing, delete or inquire on all correspondence
  • Integrated with archiving systems
  • Integrated with mail services to notify users about new correspondences
  • The ability to notify users if there is any delay on correspondences
  • The ability to know the current status of a correspondence and its completion status with the ability to return it to the requester
  • Generate statistical report for all correspondence based on specified parameters
  • The ability to create a standard model (template) for correspondences to save time and effort
  • The ability to record incoming and outgoing communication and include them in the CTS
  • Decrease expenses by eliminating the need for physical storage of documents which considerably eliminates the expense of on and off site physical storage, and allows for the beneficial use of the space that was previously used for document storage
  • Improve speed, efficiency and client satisfaction through quick action and informed responses to correspondences, corporate efficiency is measured by their timely competition of operational process
  • Reduce of risk by reduce the cases of paper damage, loss or lack of access to the right person
  • Ensure compliance to regulations and policies using permissions and security rules that can be set within the system
  • Guarantee security who are authorized to access who can view correspondences, or print or modify in accordance with the privileges granted

The system have the same user licenses as the ECM, you can have up to 1000 users.

The system supports all types of barcode, and can be customized to suit the client's requirements.

No worries, the system is built using CMIS global standards migrating can be done effectively; additionally the Smart CTS can be configured to replace the functions current system deliver, with the ability to import current data to the system.

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