The military training management system (Go army Tms) operates on managing all the educational processes (activities, exams, and interactive content, educational resources, performance level…) to achieve the desired involvement and engagement, let alone the knowledge enrichment, and also all administrative operations (course management, training program management, training schedule, sports facility management…)

Education process:

  • Integrated educational network in addition to publication of advance e-content
  • Publishing article, blogs and forums and sharing it with students
  • Content sharing and smooth navigation
  • Unlimited number to uploaded file (gif,bmp, pdf, Microsoft office )
  • Voting/poll option
  • Additional advantage for all users:
    • Owen folder to save files
    • Blogs
    • CV builder
    • Personal profile page

Administration process:

  • Manage training programs (preparing: courses, training time table, training program, permissions)
  • Manage users’ data and permissions
  • Manage violation and penalties
  • Manage rewards
  • Manage statistics and reports of performance indicators
  • Manage registration and admission (can import from excel file)
  • Manage academic year setting
  • Manage sport facilities using advance smart algorithm
  • Manage exams & supervisors schedules
  • Manage virtual activities
  • Manage results and graduation

Why choose the Go Army TMS?

Ease to use and administrate:

By providing attractive easy UI (User Interface) that’s built using the latest technology such as WEB2 and AJAX to provide the flexibility, swift response and stability in managing the system and smooth theme to allow logical control while viewing the training and learning content.

Integrated System:

No need to purchase extra software to manage training program, training classrooms, other facilities or even buying other software to generate statistics and performance reports , however the system provides all that tools and more than that which contribute efficiently of saving time and effort.

Best Collaboration:

All students interact with each other, on other hand with their instructor as one team through the chat, forums, wikis... that will enrich trainees’ knowledge and exchange of scientific and practical experience as well.


Where the system is highly flexible as it can access any function smoothly, more than that, there is a main block covers all the functions categorized into groups to achieve quick tasks.


Which mean that its affordable, without any extra cost (unlimited users, training programs, courses …etc.)

Beneficiaries of Go Army TMS?

Students and Trainers

This system serves as a tool to exchange expertise between student of a same course and their trainers; additionally it’s an experience house in military and education consulting and a center for training and military services.

Administrative staff

This system works to raise the level of productivity in administrative work, as can automate all the tasks assigned to the employees where it contributes to save time and effort and speed up employees’ performance and improve outcomes.

Military institutes and colleges

It is a viable solution for the management of military training system (automating of administrative and educational work, learning content management, assessment management and evaluation ...) in harmony with the privacy of the military environment.

Any browser basically with support for WEB2 (IE8 or higher, chrome, Firefox)

Yes, but not all the system functions work in mobile device as of now.

No, the system can be hosted on a local server for cost saving as well as better security.

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