Educational supervision is a continuous, constructive, and planned process, aimed to helping and motivating teachers to know and understand themselves and to develop their knowledge and managerial skills, in accordance with scientific principles and theories. The e-Eshraf automates all the processes performed by educational supervisors (visits field trips and teaching methods), guidance, training, career development, evaluations, recommendations…etc.) in addition to studying exam questions and analyzing them to address learning disabilities and knowledge gaps using a wide spectrum of performance indicators (Statistics, and reports) and propose suitable recommendations to allow the supervisor, to process and develop teachers’ skills on one hand, and to promote and encourage the teachers’ unique skills on the other, and also, to improve scientific and educational outcomes.

  • Manage schools
  • Manage Members and their tasks
  • Manage educational training courses and educational technology
  • Manage of educational supervision plans:
    • Prepare the operational plan for the educational supervision
    • Prepare of educational supervision plan
  • Manage educational needs of school
  • Manage educational needs of teachers
  • Manage supervisory visits
    • Evaluation visits
    • Treatment visits
    • Test room visits
  • Manage teachers transfer
  • Manage supervisory plans control
  • Manage reports:
    • Supervisor Activity Report
    • Report of educational needs of schools
    • Report of educational needs of teachers
    • Outstanding teachers report
  • Manage statistics:
    • Schools statistics
    • Teachers statistics
    • School problems
    • General Statistics

Why choose e-Eshraf?

Ease to use and administrate

The UI is so attractive and user friendly, providing flexibility and quick response and smoother performance, management and smooth navigation.

Integrated System

No need to purchase extra software to manage training program, training classrooms, other facilities or even buying other software to generate statistics and performance reports , however the system provides all that tools but more than that which contribute efficiently insaving time and effort.

Best Collaboration

Supervisors react with teachers on the one hand and teachers with each other on the other hand through chat tools, forums and virtual classrooms.... that will enrich the educational, scientific knowledge and the exchange of experiences.


Where the system is highly flexible as it can access any function smoothly, more than that, there is a dashboard covers all the functions categorized into groups to achieve quick tasks.


Which mean that its affordable, without any extra cost (unlimited users, schools, courses …etc)

Beneficiaries of e-Eshraf?


This system works malleable as a tool for the exchange of experiences between supervisors, as well as it is a house of experience in educational consultancy and is considered the educational advisory center.

Educational supervision centers

It is a viable solution for the management of educational system (various reports, a variety of statistics, technical and administrative support, helping to strategic decision-making ...)

Any browser basically with support for WEB2 (IE8 or higher, chrome, Firefox)

Yes, but not all the system functions work in mobile device as of now.

No, the system can be hosted on a local server for cost saving as well as better security.

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