Business Rules and workflow system

In light of the quick and rapid expansion in business sectors the importance of quality and efficiency of services provided by enterprises became a crucial rule to ensure retaining existing customers, as well as not to alienating potential customers, but the traditional ways followed by these institutes to conduct its business, whether internal or directly with customers always suffered from a failure and they always were considered the weakest link in the procedures within these institutes.

As result of that SmartWay Inc. developed a workflow solution to ease the procedure of transactions in way that unify  structural measures used, effectively contribute to raising the efficiency of doing business on the one hand,  and on other hand saving time and effort and increase productivity.



  • Enter workflow parameters (e.g. due date, priority)
  • Attach resources (i.e. documents) to workflow
  • Assign workflow participants (i.e. Alfresco users)
  • Groups
    • List tasks assigned to user (from dashboard)
    • List tasks completed by user (from dashboard)
    • List tasks assigned to your pool (from dashboard) 
    • View & Manage Task
  • Edit task related information
  • Add Comment
  • Review workflow history
  • View and perform operations (e.g. checkout, edit, delete) on attached documents
  • Attach new documents to workflow
  • Re-assign Task to another user
  • Mark task as Done
  • Take ownership or Return to Pool 
  • Cancel workflow

Added values like:

  • Developed many custom business rules according to customer need.
  • Designed and developed advanced workflows using Eclipse IDE with Activiti plugin.
  • Workflow reports using Activiti DB.
  • Using digital signature to approve and finalize transaction.


DMS system is used to manage documents and follow up on storing electronics copies of paper based document with versioning system, the document management system is one of main parts of ECM solution that’s is connected to record management, workflow systems and electronics file managements.

The record management system provides technologies and tools required to collect and maintain information sharing within Enterprise, including e-docs pictures e-mails and other file, with paper based documents storing information (like storing cabinet location and index) to ease the access to it.

Advantage of "DMS & RMS" solution

  • Storage: storing e-docs, and what follows of storing management, location and time based, and exporting these files from one storage to other and lastly destroying it based on policies.
  • Data recovery: data recovery allows flexibility in recovering data for user through search statements or metadata of the documents.
  • Distribution: the document distribution must be set in a way that’s won't allow modifying it easily as policies dictates in manufacturing law, the original copy won't be used for distribution and only for archiving.
  • Information security: covers the permissions that’s granted to system administrators and verification and signature systems and other methods used to secure document in printing and storing like pdf as it is a key element to prevent change or unintentional use.
  • Versioning: the process of managing different iteration of document following files check-out check-in system, and editing from any version.
  • Search: which is finding document and folders by defining text, metadata, template or tags that contained on those files or folders, as u can search using one of these different information or a part of it.

Archiving System

Archiving and administration of documents in enterprises and government sectors is the most concern to those who is responsible for its create a huge burden by storing papers and folders in traditional ways (paper passed storage), accompanied by a lot of efforts and troubles, in addition to providing a place necessary to store and archive these files, also this method is marred by a lot of risks of losing and damaging these files, let alone the time to recover it when its needed. In light of the information revolution it has been SmartWay focus on developing electronic archiving solution that’s successfully automate all the steps that it goes by starting from file enhancement to scanning process and indexing steps then storing it in a way that’s make it easy to access it later on.


  • Kofax Express
  • Alfresco ECM
  • SmartDoc
  • Alfresco tool to upload indexed docs


  • Local network infrastructure
  • Server
  • Personal computers
  • Storage solutions (SAN)
  • Scanners
  • Copy machine
  • Printers
  • file covers
  • file cabinet (to store physical copies)


  • Alfresco user course
  • Alfresco Administrator


  • Local provisioning on customer premises
  • Cloud hosting
  • Hybrid cloud and local hosting