Tabuk University is one of the biggest universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with around 40.000 students. Its academic programs are organized into 12 faculties with 25 specialties.Tabuk University has an ERP system which hasn’t any Business Process Management automation functionality; this ERP system is just a repository for all information’s nothing more, which means all Business Processes are paper based, there are no way to trace or save the process itself in a system.


  • Integration with legacy System built based on Oracle Forms.
  • Integration with Digital Signature solution to make a signature in a Business Process which is recognized by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government.


SmartWay solution "Case Framework" is built based on number one open source BPM Engine “Activiti” with the best and the most powerful open source framework, tools, and solutions like: Spring Framework, Alfresco ECM, Activiti, Central Authentication Service "CAS", and API Manager.


Using Case framework, we have the ability to compete with other solution in the following aspects:

  • Project budget –Case framework will lower budget "there is no license to pay".
  • Flexibility – you will have the full control to customize the solution from back-end to front-end application layers.
  • Integrability – Case framework able to integrate with all systems even legacy systems because it is fully customizable.
  • Security – Secure all application layers based on Spring Framework Security.
  • Single Authentication Point of access (SSO).
  • Very easy and fast to build a Business Process using the Case Framework.


  • Moodle
  • GoogleApps
  • BigBlueButton
  • Mahara
  • CourseLab
  • H5P